Welcome aboard!

Name your project: Your asteroid will be accessible via <Username>.uber.space and you get a <Username>@uber.space email address.

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Your username will be visible to other users on the same server and cannot be changed.

We will use your email address only for password recovery and for urgent messages, such as about running out of credit or other problems we want to inform you about.

No advertising. No newsletters. No sharing of your email address.

Please use an external email address that is not hosted on this asteroid, so we are still able to contact you in case your account is disabled or full.

You can set your desired price after the free trial period has convinced you to stay and you have decided what your account is worth to you. Your newly registered account will be free to try until August 1st 2023, then you will receive an email from us as a reminder. If you are not convinced, you don't need to do anything else – we will delete the account if you don't actively recharge it.